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We are here to help families stay close.

The Portland Contact Centre is run by a team of trained volunteers. Our primary aim is to support children from separated families to have contact with their non-resident family members. We feel privileged to be able to play a part in helping these vital relationships to become established or re-established. 


We aim to provide a safe space.

  The Portland Child Contact Centre is a supported contact centre; our volunteers aim to create a safe, warm and welcoming space for our families to meet. Several families use our facility at the same time, and whilst the volunteers are always around and on hand to help, they will not be formally observing the interactions between a child and the non-resident parent. If such observation is necessary, you may need to find a supervised centre to help you. 

We understand that all of our lives and relationships are complex, and we aim to be sensitive to this at all times. We want all of our families to feel safe in our centre (even if they are just dropping children off) and we are committed to making this a reality. Please share all of your concerns with our centre co-ordinator and we will endeavour to ensure your visits run smoothly and meet your personal requirements. 


What you will experience on a visit to our centre

Our centre runs on the first four Saturday mornings of every month, between 10am and 12noon. Resident parents and non-resident parents are not required to be in the same room as each other at any point during the drop off/pick up and we will always aim to meet any specific requirement if the family let us know beforehand. We are able to provide a selection of toys, as well as refreshments on site, however we welcome our parents bringing favourite toys and snacks from home should they choose to. 



Our volunteers

  The Portland Child Contact Centre is staffed entirely by volunteers. We aim to have four volunteers on for each Saturday morning contact session. The overall running of our centre is undertaken by the centre co-ordinator (the person who answers the telephone when you give us a call).  Our volunteers are all subject to DBS checks regularly. We undertake a variety of training regularly and ensure it is up to date in line with the requirements of the National Association of Child Contact Centres.  Our volunteers are on hand to support parents and children visiting our centre, and our main role is to ensure that you have a happy and safe experience with us. The primary responsibility for children whilst they are at the centre lies with the parent attending.   


We look forward to welcoming you

 The safety and well-being of your children and you is what is most important to us. We encourage you to call the centre co-ordinator on 07766 627765 for an informal chat about your circumstances and how we might be helpful to you.  


Points of reassurance

Parents do not need to come into contact with each other when attending the centre; we have separate entrances and are sensitive to any reservations either parent might have. Do please discuss any requirements with the centre co-ordinator in advance. 

Family members (resident and non-resident) will be required to operate within our code of conduct whilst at the centre.

Children and their non-resident family member(s) are only able to leave the centre during a contact session if written permission has been obtained from both parents prior to the event.  

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The Portland Child Contact Centre

The Hub Church, Portland Rd, Bishop's Stortford, England CM23 3SL, United Kingdom


Contact session hours

First four Saturdays of the month

between 10am and 12noon

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